At Week’s End: Preaching Risky Sermons, April’s Concern for her Students, and Savannah’s Birthday

It has been an exciting week from vandals on my car to Savannah’s birthday to worship this morning. This morning with the lectionary text of Mark’s version of the call of the first disciples, I asked Wilpshire Church what is our way forward. I pointed out the issues that we face as a church and what it will mean in the next 10 years or so. Not an easy sermon to preach, but was received well enough. Even by those who likely would disagree with me, they admitted it was thought-provoking and that we do need to address what is going on. I am pushing a conversation, trying to move the congregation to either choose a path that more or less sees us out by focusing on Sunday morning and styles of worship that the folk who come like, or moving toward something more risky. I don’t know what that is at the moment. And at the moment, I am still a little frightened to verbalise my suggestions!

From some comments, I imagine that there are some who believe I am wrong in my assessment – Sunday morning is the way forward (despite the statistics that our General Secretary Martin Atkins has said points to an evening rather than trying to get people to come on Sunday mornings). But, I don’t want to stifle dissent. I am truly looking to have a conversation with people who want to serve God. In the ‘luck of the draw’ with circuit planning, I am at this church again this week, so it will help to continue this message.

All About April
Work still going for April. They are at the beginning of looking at the programme and seeing how it might be more efficient. Like government funding of education in the US, there are always a few hoops to jump through and corners that need to be got around. Still, April is enjoying the job. I think the toughest part for her so far is how much she cares for the kids who are at risk and the feelings of helplessness associated with it.

Savannah Says
What a weekend for Savannah! Life usually revolves around her (or it does in her mind), but this weekend it truly did. We made Friday the family day, and as it was rainy in the afternoon (what else do you expect in Lancashire?) we played what she wanted to in the lounge (which was mostly play with Play-Dough). Saturday was the big party day. We invited her friends over, and she got more presents.  We had lots of Bob the Builder, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Happyland toys. Also, she got plenty of toys that either make noise or make a mess. So we are making notes on how to return the favour when Savannah is invited to their parties! She loved every minute of it! She never quite got into the opening presents thing at Christmas, but she is a pro at getting into them now. Only a month after Christmas, we hope she doesn’t expect this type of thing every month!

The Week Ahead
It may be a quieter week, but we are getting back to the normal routine of life. Church meetings, Bible studies, and pastoral visits are on my plate. Also, I haven’t put much religious thought on my blog lately. Maybe inspiration will hit this week. I still need to respond to Dave Warnock’s request of my own views of Methodism and then review my class from two weeks ago.


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