In Transition

As of today we have one week before we move down south to Kent. I am in a strange but lovely time provided by The Methodist Church. Whereas my US counterparts would move out of their house and into the new one on a Saturday to begin the next day at worship, British Methodists finish around the end of July and don’t begin until the first of September.

That’s not to say there’s not plenty to do, but most of it involves packing and preparing for the move. In between I’m trying to give myself time to reflect, but I’ve never really taken the opportunity to do it. I think my normal mode is to waste as much time to protect myself from thinking too much. Yet since one of the activities I have chosen to fill time is watching old reruns of Scrubs (Channel 4 quit running them because obviously people would rather watch My Name is Earl). Watch JD (the main character) carries on an inner-monologue where he constantly reflects on his life. Watching him, I can’t seem to help but be a little reflective.

So, I’m going to reopen the blog to see if I can allow myself to be a little publically reflective. It just seems that reflection is called for when I am spending a last week in a house where my wife and I have lived together longer than any other place, that has been the only home my children have known, and where I have served my first full appointment.

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