Hymn of the Day – Palm Sunday

I don’t wish to steal Richard Hall’s thunder as he is the usual one for posting Charles Wesley hymns for his ‘Hymn of the Day’, but I spent about 15 minutes looking for a Wesley hymn that I couldn’t find and was using for worship this morning.

This hymn is the appointed one for today (Palm Sunday) in Paul Wesley Chilcote’s The Song Forever New: Lent and Easter Meditations on Charles Wesley’s Hymns. He suggests using the tune ‘Ratisbon’ (the normal tune, for him at least, for ‘Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies’). This morning I used ‘Heathlands’, the tune we use over here for the same hymn. I hope you enjoy it!

O my all redeeming Lord,
all thy kindness I record,
me thy kindness hath allured,
called, and drawn me from above,
sweetly am I thus assured,
of thy everlasting love.

But is now thy grace less free
for all sinners, than for me?
Lord, I have not learned thee so:
Good to everyone thou art,
free as air thy mercies flow;
so I feel it in my heart.

Every soul may your grace find
for you love all humankind,
all have once thy drawings proved,
every soul may say with me,
me, the friend of sinners loved,
loved from all eternity.

Sinner, how he yearned to be
joined by grace to you and me!
He was willing, we were not,
would not sleep beneath his wings:
grace to all salvation brought,
grace to all, salvation brings.

Now, yes, even now we may
grace receive in this our day,
all may hear th’effectual call,
he would all the world receive,
Lo! He spreads his arms for all,
all may come to him and live.

Shout ‘Hosanna’ to the Son,
Child of David, on his throne!
On his throne of love, and grace,
grace, which all with us may prove,
love to all the fallen race,
sovereign, everlasting love!


2 thoughts on “Hymn of the Day – Palm Sunday

  1. Will,

    I stumbled into this blog doing a google search on Wesley’s Epitaph. I had not realized you were still around the corner. I have been serving in Cheshire since leaving my first appointment post Candler. It would be good to catch up.


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