Does Religion Lose It’s Grip Where Life is Good?

Allan Bevere links to an atheist who suggests ways to engage with religious people. One response stood out to Allan – that religion loses it’s grasp where life is good.

Does Zuckerman have a point that we religious folk need to ponder? The secularization of Western Europe and the quickly encroaching secularization of Canada and the United States appear to confirm his point. In contrast, it appears that Christianity is spreading quickly in places that cannot be described as prosperous.
Of course, the Bible seems to indicate that the lack of religious devotion can develop from a safe, secure, and prosperous existence. In the Old Testament the Judges are raised up after the land “has rest” which appears to lead to everyone “doing what was right in their own eyes.” The Bible also warns of riches not only because the poor suffer when resources are hoarded in only a few hands, but wealth tends to become the master we serve in the place of God. And it is obvious that in a culture filled with attractions and distractions and hobbies, more and more people seem to devoting less and less time to the things of faith.
Zuckerman may indeed be on to something here, but what he may have missed is that from a Christian perspective the good life does not, as Jesus said, consist in possessions and in self-made security, but only in utter trust and dependence and devotion to God.

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