Former Evangelical Comments on Commentaries

Duke religion professor and New Testament scholar Mark Goodacre keeps tabs on all things Bishop NT Wrong, an anonymous (at least I think he is) blogger who comments on New Testament studies on blogs. In Goodacre’s tab-keeping, he came across another ‘NTWrong’ who seems to have no knowledge or affiliation with the other (real?) NT Wrong. I don’t know enough about NT Wrong to comment, but I did find Goodacre’s discovery interesting (click here for his post).

This NTWrong says this about himself in his ‘About Page‘:

NTWrong is a former pastor, whose son is now attending Bible College. New Testament Commentary Survey is written with Mr. Wrong’s son in mind as the primary audience. There is no reason to suppose that thousands of people will make their way to this blog. However, Mr. Wrong hopes the site will be of utility to the occasional individual who stumbles across it.

A quick look around his site shows that he writes his thoughts on Biblical commentaries – many evangelical. Even though NTWrong calls himself a former evangelical, he comments favourably on these.

I haven’t had time to look around the site much, but I find it interesting because he calls himself a former evangelical influenced by liberals (he seems to have a fairly wide gap between these two that I don’t find always fits – N.T. Wright, who he sites, fits in neither the American conservative evangelical side or the liberal side). I also wonder about his son who is in Bible College (which, in the United States are almost always run by evangelicals of the ultra-conservative variety). It bet there’s an interesting story.

Regardless, I imagine he has an interesting take on any of the commentaries, and I would see this as a good resource if someone is looking to buy them or know more about them.


2 thoughts on “Former Evangelical Comments on Commentaries

  1. Mr. Goodacre is indeed referring to a different NT Wrong. I didn’t know there were two of us!

    My son and I live in Canada. He is a moderate evangelical. We don’t have many folks of the ultra-conservative variety north in Canada.

    Technically speaking, the use of NTWrong makes my blog pseudonymous (not anonymous) 😉 But I’m not concerned about hiding my identity. The name is a small joke, for whatever entertainment value it possesses.

  2. Mr Wrong, thank you for your comment! And also for your website. I like the idea of what you are doing, even if I am not the target audience! It’s a great resource, which is why I posted on it.

    Thank you also for the clarification – I must have missed where you mentioned Canada, and I wouldn’t have made the generalisation about Bible Colleges.

    Sorry for the confusion – I meant the ‘other’ NT Wrong was anonymous, as far as I know. For a time, no one knew him, and I don’t think he has revealed himself. I didn’t think you would be anonymous as you put your photo on your website!

    If you get the chance to tell more of your story, I would love to hear it. I guess I would call myself a moderate evangelical, but when I lived in the US I dropped the label because of all the craziness associated with it. Evangelicals in England are quite different and I don’t mind being associated with it.

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