Lent Ideas for Children? #bigread2011

Tomorrow, Ash Wednesday is four weeks away. Which, incidentally, is a lovely thought because I have enjoyed the time between Christmas and the beginning of Lent. Most years I am barely catching my breath from Christmas when Ash Wednesday seems like the next day. I wish more years could be like this!

I have been quite involved in planning the Big Read for my circuit, which I have mostly aimed the adults. I am pleased to say that so far things look very promising. For one, I have nearly sold 100 of the Lent for Everyone books. And I have people questioning about discussion groups. Of course, I have promised that if 35 people at Wilpshire sign up to be in a discussion group (and I have been very liberal with the definition!) that I will preach from the pulpit for the rest of my time at Wilpshire! I am not above bribery. Anyone thought about tying it to the Big Read?

With all this, I haven’t given much thought to ideas for children during Lent, in particularly with Savannah. Unlike Advent, there isn’t a slew of products. Of course, a lot of it can be awful, but with so much produced you have a great chance of something good getting in. What traditions do you plan to do, have used, thinking about for Lent? How do we show this season is special?


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