I Miss Getting Excited about Space (or, Laughing with the Ostriches)

The past couple of weeks Savannah has been learning about space at pre-school. We know this because she comes home talking about it and drawing the planets. Currently, we have her renditions of Earth and Mars blu-tacked to our wall. Every once in a while she will say things like ‘We live on planet Earth,’ or ‘We can’t live on Mars.’ It has really captured her imagination and it’s fun to watch. Her studies of space also have funny moments, like when April and I tried to connect it one night to prayers. I said God made the planets. She, with all seriousness and quite taken about, said, ‘Nuh-uh! Kerry and Sarah Ed. made them!’ She was talking about the model planets in her nursery room!

It reminds me of myself when I was younger. We studied space in the first and second grade and I remember getting excited about it, too. I wonder when I stopped being amazed by creation. When did it become simply part of the decorations around me? I love watching Savannah find all the wonder of it.

I thought about Savannah as I read God’s speech to Job this morning. Most of the Bible has others talking about the wonders of creation, but the words in Job are God’s own. God seems as absolutely thrilled with everything God has made – things so great that for some beasts, even God has to take a big sword to be near (Job 40:19). God appears not to have lost the wonder of creation.

I loved God’s use of ‘laugh’ for the ostrich, the horse, and leviathan. The horse laughs at fear and runs right at a sword (Job 39:22). The Leviathan (whatever that is) laughs at anyone who tries to bring a club or a javelin at him. In particular, I enjoyed the way God describes the ostrich. God says, ‘It’s not beautiful, but it loves to flaps it wings as if it were. And OK, the thing is dumber than pig swill, but watch how it loves to run – it just laughs at others as it races past!’ (That’s my paraphrase of Job 39:13-18).

I hope that for as long as she can, Savannah will laugh with the ostriches at the wonder of God’s creation. And maybe I will relearn, too.


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