What Can Christians Do about Egypt?

Blogger John Meunier has asked a question that I have been thinking about today as I have turned on the news off and on today: what is our response to the situation in Egypt? I admit I don’t know. I can barely keep up with all that’s coming out and understand all that going on. I certainly hope for reform, but hope against the violence that been caused.

John also points to some links about other areas in the world that, for whatever reason, are not making the top headlines. In these situations, John’s answer is as good as any I have seen.

In the face of this, I think the faithful prayer is the one we pray every Sunday. “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.”

As we are able, we Christians should do good to all people and resist all evil it is in our power to resist. Most of what is happening in Egypt is beyond our personal reach for good or ill. Nothing is beyond the reach of our prayers.

That may not be a sufficient response for the blogger who got me thinking about these issues, but it is the most Christian response I can see.


2 thoughts on “What Can Christians Do about Egypt?

  1. thanks Will for your blog. After reading it I am reminded of something Jan Karon writes in her Father Tim series. Father Tim’s wife says something to the effect, “Let’s pray the prayer that God always answers, His will be done.”

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