Holocaust Memorial Day and Time Travel

Yesterday, Krish Kandiah posted on Time Travel, the Bible, and Social Justice. He wrote that the church’s focus only on the present can be dangerous when we miss our time to act:

Perhaps a more dangerous scenario is when churches lose their time travel ability altogether and get trapped in the present. When the leaders are so keen on connecting with contemporary culture, the church can simply resemble any other local club or society. What is said or sung is so palatable, that it fails to fire our imagination, kindle our passions or challenge our brains. This can be dangerous indeed as we learned from the majority of Bible-believing Christians in Germany under Nazism who never thought to question the horrors of the genocide, or from the white evangelicals in South Africa, most of whom continued to worship in church while Apartheid was banning the majority of the  population from worshipping with them.

It reminds me of something Stanley Haurwas used to say in class. He said that people try to challenge him over his pacifist views by pointing to the Holocaust and asking what should the church have done? (I.e., implying that the only option was war.) He responds that what the church should was be the church that it was called to when Hitler rose to power. What it should have done was stand up to him then, instead of going along with him.

What does it say about us that we focus on the Holocaust and use it as a means to justify our violence?

If we need a reminder of the horrors that violence can bring, Richard Hall posted this video from Untold Stories:

HMD 2011 Untold Stories from Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on Vimeo.


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