Changing How You Think (Through Scripture Memorisation)

John Wilson on the Christianity Today website writes on how the lost art of Scripture memorisation will over time change how you think. A good reminder when we disregard memorisation because we have scripture on our phones. As an aside, I would recommend you memorise as many Charles Wesley hymns as you can.

The impact of most of what we memorize is not so dramatic as to change forever the way we think about the world. But it is real, and its consequences accumulate over time. Hence the choices we make about what to put in our mind are of lasting importance. “Memorization of Scripture,” Dallas Willard writes, “is one way of ‘taking charge’ of the contents of our conscious thoughts, and of the feelings, beliefs, and actions that depend on them.”

HT: Duke Call & Response Blog


2 thoughts on “Changing How You Think (Through Scripture Memorisation)

  1. This reminded me – in Dr. Hall’s Ethics class (which I’m precepitng for this semester,) she opens each lecture with a Wesley hymn. Today we sang “And Can It be that I should gain..,” which I learned at Caedmon’s baptism. I sang much more confidently than my fellow ‘Merican’s, thanks to you! What a lovely hymn!

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