The Bart Ehrman Project

Bible Scholar Michael J. Gorman posted on his blog today that a few scholars have banded together to respond to the work of Bible text critic Bart Ehrman. These scholars have started a website called the Ehrman Project. I haven’t looked around a lot, but it seems a user friendly site that uses video messages by the scholars.

As Dr. Gorman notes, Ehrman is something of an iconoclast, moving from Fundamentalist Christian to agnostic (if I remember his appearance on the Colbert Report correctly). Ehrman teaches at a school in Chapel Hill, NC, (one that any good Duke grad would have trouble naming!), and he has recently written a book on the problem of evil as a witness against the Christian God.

The scholars responsible for the site aren’t looking to attack Bart Ehrman, but give a thoughtful response to him. He has made some fairly large claims. Dr. Gorman writes:

Bart is a fine NT scholar who knows his material like few others. Bart is a first-class textual critic. I have often thought, however, on some topics, that Bart exaggerates some issues and sometimes makes mountains out of molehills. Bart is not a philosopher or theologian, however, and his legitimate concerns about suffering probably should be addressed in public by someone who is.

I heard a lecture recently by N. T. Wright (that would seem to agree with Gorman) who said something to the effect that Ehrman is fantastic when talking about text criticism, but gets shaky when talking theology.

Hopefully, this will be a great resource and maybe a comfort to those who have come across his writings and find it hard to form an argument against his.


2 thoughts on “The Bart Ehrman Project

  1. It is “user friendly” if you are evangelistically inclined. If you are not–forget it! It is the most bigoted and hostile site on the network! Nothing but sanctimonious hypocrites!

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