Our Stewards Excited about the #bigread2011

I often wonder if I am too pessimistic on my blog, so I wanted to make sure I write about my church stewards meeting tonight where I proposed taking part in the Big Read 2011. We will be joining others around the country who will read the Gospel of Matthew with Tom Wright‘s Lent for Everyone. I have been excited about the idea of the whole circuit taking part and have got some positive feedback, but it was really great to watch my stewards begin thinking about how to encourage people to get involved with it.

The great thing was when I mentioned the 100 copies deal from SPCK, all of them said ‘You’ll have no trouble getting rid of them – you may have to get more.’ So we spent a great evening talking about how to promote it, how we could encourage people to discuss it with others, provide them places to discuss, and how we might weave the readings into other Lent activities. We will use Wright’s focus readings for the daily morning prayers and take the Big Read’s themes for an Advent Quiet Day.

It was a great meeting that has me excited for more to come! Lots of work to do until Ash Wednesday, but at least more breathing space between Christmas and Ash Wednesday this year!

2 thoughts on “Our Stewards Excited about the #bigread2011

  1. Look forward to your engagement with this. Do you think your members will be up for joining in discussions online… I’m just on Skype to our forum builder tonight, very excited to see people discussing across the country!

  2. Hi, Dr Bex! Thank you for your comment. I would like to push the online side, but have had some discussion with my super and my wife who think that too hard a push would scare people off. When I mentioned it at the circuit meeting there were some grumblings and I overheard one person said to some around her, ‘I would forget facebook if I were you.’ It’s still something unknown, so I will talk to those I know who have an account and encourage those to use it.

    You mention Skype. I am trying to get my home church in the US to take this on. I am talking with my dad about getting groups together over Skype. The churches have some connection (other than me) because we just did a pastor swap. Their minister came here and I think there is some potential to have some international conversations like that. I will let you know!

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