A Less Ambitious Covenant Prayer

Around the start of the new year there was a funny theme on Twitter with the hashtag #LessAmbitiousHymns. They are hymns for people who do not feel they can measure up to the ones we sing. My favourite was one that came from Sally, who tweeted ‘Let There Be a Bit of Friendliness Shared Among Us’ (instead of ‘Let There Be Love Shared Among us’). This morning I am leading my first of two covenant services and I was thinking could I do the same to Wesley’s Covenant Prayer. This might ease the guilt! If you have any suggestions, please give them!

I am still my own, but I give you a part.
Put me to what you will, as long as I can be bothered with it.
Rank me with who you will, as long as I can get along with them.
Put me to doing, if I have the time.
Put me to suffering, as long as it isn’t too taxing.
Let me be employed for you if I like the work,
Or laid aside for you, unless I think I can do it better than everyone else.
Let me be full.
Let me have all things.
I yield to you all those things that I don’t want anyway or those things that make me feel good about sacrificing.
And now, O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you are mine to do as I want.
So be it.
And this negotiation which I made here on earth, let it be agreeable to you because this is all I am offering. Amen.

The real Wesleyan Covenant Prayer is beautiful and can be found here.


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