And on the 7th Day – I have only done this for a week

I have finished one week of reading my way through The Bible in One Year. I don’t mean to make this as if I am bragging about it – I mean it as a way to hold myself accountable since I mentioned this on day one of the new year. This is something I am committed to doing through the year and telling others is a way to keep me at it. There have been some things I have noticed this week through my commitment.

  1. Being disciplined in reading the Bible has reminded me of my need to be disciplined in other aspects of my life. It’s an overwhelming feeling to realise all the areas that need work, and an even bigger realisation of my need for grace to balance moving forward and holding back the overwhelming feelings that paralyse.
  2. Though the readings are chosen arbitrarily to get one through the bible in a year, there appear some interesting connections between the Old Testament and New Testament readings. The obvious ones are the flood and baptism of Christ (St. Paul helps here as well). But, read the tower of Babel story and the Beatitudes on the same day and notice the difference in attitude of the people described (those who build the tower and those who Jesus describes as blessed).
  3. The readings don’t really take that long! It’s hard to say, ‘I don’t have time.’ Carve out time and stick with it. Come back to them during the day if you like.
  4. Scriptures that I have read over and over still have new revelations. This is a cliché, but it’s apt. This week I read the part where Jesus tells us to go two miles if asked to go one (I read it at a slower pace during Advent!). Jesus has just said ‘love your enemies’, and this is further expounding on this theme. Jesus tells us that if we are forced (supposedly by an enemy) to carry something one mile, we go two. Yet, we use the expression ‘go the extra mile’ as something we do for people we love. There are people we would ‘go the extra mile’ for, but that’s not who Jesus is talking about. We go the extra mile for those who don’t deserve it – for those who we would call our enemies.

2 thoughts on “And on the 7th Day – I have only done this for a week

  1. Thanks, Keith. I have the You Version app on my iPod. I chose the Bible in One Year because Conference gave all delegates a special edition for conference for that year!

    Thanks for commenting – hope things are going well for you (and Adele – tell her I said hello!).

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