My Daughter, the Liturgical Theologian

Watching Facebook statuses of my friends from Baptist and non-denomenational persuasions, I see a lot of ‘Christmas is over’ posts. Folk taking down their decorations or watching things on television that couldn’t be watched ‘over Christmas’. I remember from my church there was one lady who was up at the crack of dawn on 26 December taking down the Christmas decorations. So for the secular world and those from non-liturgical traditions, Christmas is over. Christmas makes strange bedfellows.

There is one person that I have been able to convince that Christmas is not over – my daughter. Over Advent, sat around our Advent Wreath and as we lit it, we sang ‘O Come, O Come Immanuel’. On Christmas, we changed our song to ‘Joy to the World’. After our first devotions of Christmas, she asked why we don’t sing ‘O Come, O Come Immanuel’ anymore. April explained that Advent is over and Christmas is Jesus’ birthday so he’s come and we sing a new song. Savannah seemed to accept it and you don’t realise if it makes any difference or not.

Fast forward to today, and a few days since our conversation about the songs, and we are riding in the car. The song ‘O Come, O Come Immanuel’ came on and April and I began to sing, expecting her to join us. She wouldn’t and kept saying we can’t sing this song anymore. We finally asked why and she said, ‘Because it’s Jesus’ birthday!’

So, to all those who are still celebrating, Merry Christmas! Christmas lasts until 6 January!


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