Happy Christmas!

My blogging has been sporadic over the past year. I can’t give any reason for it but since I began blogging as a means of connecting with people back in the US and Facebook has filled that role I don’t feel the need to update the blog as much any more. Still, I keep hearing that writing regularly helps one with writing so I keep meaning to come back.

So, I come back today to wish any of my readers who are still around a very Happy (or Merry) Christmas! We have had a wonderful day. Savannah was very excited to see that Father Christmas stopped by. She completely ignored her gifts at first and wanted to clean up the mess Father Christmas’s reindeer left  eating their oats she left for them! She had a big day and enjoyed getting a music centre with a keyboard and soundmixer with a microphone she sings into. I hope to get some of her musical recordings on camera because she really is funny!

Caedmon has simply taken his first Christmas in. Of course, he has no idea what’s going on but enjoyed some of his presents that Savannah enjoyed helping him to open.

One of the best things this Christmas has been to watch Savannah learn Christmas Carols and take in what it means to get gifts. She had a conversation with April where she was said on a couple of occasions that she has plenty all ready. Her favourite Christmas TV special has been the VeggieTales presentation of

Savannah as Mary

Saint Nicholas, where she has listened in the message that there are people in need. Her favourite hymns have been “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” and “O Come, O Come Immanuel”, the song we sing as we light our Advent wreath. In church this morning, she interrupted me as I was announcing one of the hymns to request it! I told her we would sing it last, and she was OK with that.

Savannah also played Mary in her nursery school’s nativity play, and did great. She didn’t overact, but then wasn’t shy either. She rubbed her tummy when Sarah the narrator said she was pregnant. It was very cute.

As many of you know, this is our last Christmas in Lancashire. I announced sometime ago that we were entering the stationing process and that we would be moving. That time will come in August when we will (assuming Conference approval this summer) be moving to the Medway Circuit in the Southeast District. The Medway Towns are in the historical county of Kent (the same county as Canterbury). We are excited about the move and look forward to what the new year holds.

So again Happy Christmas and I hope to blog a lot more this new year!


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