St. Paul’s Knitting Ministry

The Skull Caps ready for shipping

One of the great pleasures I have had this week is taking part in the prayers to bless the work of the knitting ministry at St. Paul (I should be, but am unaware if there is an official name. If any of the readers from St. Paul know it, please give it in the comments). This particular shipment included knitted skull caps for soldiers (some members, some children of members) serving in Afghanistan. First, I learned that even though it is the desert, it gets cold there. The caps fit under the helmets. The group had got together the caps and were shipping them and they asked that I come and pray before they did so.

Skull caps are only one small part of what they do. As you can see from the photo of their knitting closet, they do a lot! They

The Knitting Closet

knit lap blankets for those who are ill. They knit squares for larger blankets. They make small cards to go with each of the items that include a short prayer and description.

This all started by knitting small blankets for stillborn children. They make a lot of white blankets that are then delivered to the hospital. When the stillborn child is delivered, the baby is wrapped in the blanket and handed to the parents to hold. The blanket is for the parents and they have the right to keep it if they choose. All of this is done anonymously. The parents may know that it comes from a church (and which one), but the people who did the knitting aren’t known and who they are given to aren’t known by knitters. It’s all connected in the movement of the Spirit in a mystical way.

At the beginning of this ministry, they did wonder about the impact and if this was being used by God. Not long after one of the knitters was in an elevator at the hospital. It stopped on one of the floors when a women entered. She was crying and clutching one of the blankets made by St. Paul. In this story allowed them to see a small glimpse of what they were doing.

It’s a beautiful ministry and one that I pray will continue to be a blessing for those who receive these gifts. Thanks to all who give their time and talents for this.


2 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Knitting Ministry

  1. I don’t knit. But, as a Chaplain, I think it would be wonderful to have prayer shawls or blankets to bless and give to patients. There are many patients in the hospital I work at who have to stay in the hospital for months on end. A blanket or shawl would be a great reminder of God’s love.

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