The Vice President and Larry Hurtado Get to Blogging, and more Israel-Palestine

Keeping up with the daily happenings at Conference wore me out blogging-wise, so I haven’t had much to think about. That and we are still waiting for the baby to come, but who seems quite happy where he is! So, while I have nothing to say, I point to others that do.

If you read my blog during the Conference, you already know I am very excited about our new Vice President of Conference, Deacon Eunice Attwood. She has given us her first post as she visits the Spennymoor Gala.

Larry Hurtado, the NT scholar, who writes much on the early church’s devotion to Jesus, also starts blogging and on that very topic. He answers what he thinks of Jimmy Dunn’s new book Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

Finally, Richard Hall at connexions opens a debate that continues on from the “Justice for Palestine and Israel”. It is an interesting look at the differing views of British Methodism on this topic.


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