Methodist Conference 2010 Day 8: I get my change to speak

The last day was left mainly to tidy up all that we had done. We heard presentations from the new initiative called Biblefresh, a way many denominations are choosing to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. We also voted Methodist Council powers to tie up anything that may have been forgotten or left off. The assistant secretary of conference called it their safety net. Most of the business included listening to a lot of law and polity information.

Also presented was a report on social media guidelines that gave direction on how we should behave online. Most of the report was good, but I questioned why the suggested ban on use of social media during meetings like conference. With all the note passing and talking to one another, I questioned whether or not it would be less distracting. And certainly engaging with the meeting in social media is not the same as not paying attention. So, I used my first time speaker card to jump the queue and had my… well, not exactly 15 minutes of fame, but my chance to be a speaker at Conference.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to say a proper goodbye to my new friends because my train ticket, though an open one, was an off-peak ticket. That meant I needed to get out around lunchtime so by the time I was in London I could get an off-peak train back to Preston. Rather than write up final reflections here, I will do it later in the day.


2 thoughts on “Methodist Conference 2010 Day 8: I get my change to speak

  1. Good for you. There can be no doubt that social media usage during these large gatherings is adding an interesting element. For instance, in the Southern Baptist Convention, you can sit and read the Twittered thoughts of Convention goers during presentations. I suspect maybe the same kind of thing is going on for you guys?

    But you’re right to point out that social expressions have always gone on in these gatherings, be it note-passing or whispering to your neighbor.

    Interesting times we live in.

    Man, you Methodists meet for MUCH longer than we Baptists! I hate to think what would happen if you locked that many Baptists up in one place for eight days! Ha!

    Thanks for the updates.


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