Greetings from Portsmouth and Methodist Conference 2010!

I’m blogging from Portsmouth on the south coast of England. I’m here as an elected representative from the North Lancashire District to the Methodist Conference. This is my first experience at conference (except for the Sunday I was ordained and brought into full connexion at Blackpook in 2007, but I attended no other conference events). There’s lots on the agenda and I hope to blog and tweet as I can. You can follow me here or through twitter.

Methodist Media has also been working hard to bring the conference to those unable to come. This year in addition to the audio feed there will be a video feed as well. They will also be tweeting from the conference floor as well. If anyone knows anyone else who is blogging/tweeting from conference, please put them in the comments (the ‘usual suspects’ haven’t don’t seem to be here).

Methodist Conference home page (live feeds: click the “conference live” link)

Methodist Media Twitter Feed

The fun begins in a few hours with the ministerial conference this afternoon. So, I will enjoy all that Portsmouth has to offer until then.


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