N.T. Wright Conference at Wheaton

Michael J. Gorman, the professor of Sacred Scripture and Dean of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, Maryland, attended the N.T. Wright conference at Wheaton College last week. He has posted his initial thoughts on the first day on his blog (Cross Talk ~ crux probat omnia). He will write a couple more posts on his thoughts on the succeeding days of the conference.

He also posted a link to the audio/video from the conference talks, which include not only Wright, but also Richard B. Hays, Marianne Meye Thompson, and Kevin Vanhoozer – among others.

And finally, though he doesn’t seem to be on the list of panellists (and has yet to have an entire conference around him), check out the other posts on Dr. Gorman’s blog. I have enjoyed reading how he (a United Methodist) understands Paul’s theology of theosis (a term usually found in Eastern Orthodox theology). He had some great Lenten reflections on Paul’s Christ Hymn, which served as great thoughts over the Passion Week time. He has written a great, accessible introduction to Paul’s letters, called Reading Paul (at least that’s what better minds than mine have said about it – I have bought it and started it, but have not finished it. My apologies, Dr. Gorman!).


2 thoughts on “N.T. Wright Conference at Wheaton

  1. Thanks for linking to my comments, Will. Too bad we did not cross paths at Duke. (I was there teaching for a semester, but well after you left.)

    Mike Gorman

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