Politics in the UK – the 6th May Election

I admit, I do not know much about the politics of this country. I know enough to say that the British National Party (BNP) does NOT need to win any seats and they can be quite deceptive over their use of Christian rhetoric. Most of the people I know would likely support Labour. I don’t know enough to say much about either party to make a coherent argument. I watched mostly as an observer in 2005, but as I have lived here and will do so for the foreseeable future, I am trying to take a more learning approach to this one. I still can’t quite figure out where the Lib Dems fit in.

I am not without help. Luckily, Methodist bloggers will be discussing this and have done so already. I imagine that some American readers might wonder about how Christians are thinking about the elections, so I have two posts I wanted to point out.

Paul Martin at Turbulent Cleric has written General Election 2010 – And they’re off!

Dave Faulkner at Big Circumstances has written Election 2010: Some Preliminary Thoughts On Christian Perspectives. Dave has provided some interesting links to other commentary that might be helpful.

Paul and Dave come from different wings of the Methodist Church, but both have some similar takes on the important political issues. I mention this because in the US, one assumes that evangelical will equal conservative (and all the associated issues they have). Evangelicals do have different priorities in the UK (including preferential treatment of the poor and the environment). Therefore, it is a mistake to assume that good evangelicals will vote for the Tories (as one would in the US would assume about evangelicals and Republicans). In fact, some of the most conservative evangelicals in the Britain sound more like Jim Wallis than James Dobson and Chuck Colson.

So, if this kind of thing interests you, I hope you will learn with me!

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