Christ is Risen!

Today will be one of my more memorable Easters. In addition to the normal worship service, which I always find exciting on Easter, we brought two young people into membership during the service.

It was a privileged and honour to be with these young people during our membership classes for the last few weeks. They are two great kids and both families are very involved in the church, so they have been well-known for sometime. It was a great time for the church to celebrate. What impact this had on the kids will ebb and flow over time (as my confirmation has – I don’t think we can always know at the moment).

The event also impacted me. As I laid hands on their heads with their parents and asked God to strengthen them, the holiness of the moment hit me quite powerfully. It is hard to put into words, but standing in the place and being a part of the journey of people in this place is very awesome. Then one of the kids helped me with communion, and at the end I asked her to give the elements to me. I about started crying right there as I watched.

So this is a small way in which the resurrection came through on this Easter. It was a holy moment not only for me, but for the entire church. It is great the way the entire day flowed.

And here’s to the next 50 days of Easter – remember, it’s a season – not just a day!


4 thoughts on “Christ is Risen!

  1. Praise God for his blessings and the presence of the Holy Spirit that touched these young people’s lives, their parents’, and yours. 🙂

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