I have often thought of Lent as a time of self-examination. That really shouldn’t be surprising. It’s in the liturgy of Ash Wednesday, in prayers, and sermons. I think that the focus on self-examination has been placed on what we have done wrong. I want to break bad habits. I want to remove the sins that keep me from God.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I think Lent has that aspect in it. But maybe it can be more. Tonight, I was talking to April. I told her that I am a better person for knowing her. She said thank you and then said, ‘But I wouldn’t not have been able to [her story] if I had not met you.’

I struggle to hear this. I work better in a self-deprecating mode that protects me. Yet, God wants me to know that I have something to offer as well. God has given me gifts and graces that reach out to others. Surely God wants to work within us to know this as well as where we need to change.


2 thoughts on “Self-Examination

  1. I am right there with you, Will – self-examination for me all too often means “What’s wrong with me?” It is a struggle for me to hear praise. Except for my preaching. I am a truly gifted preacher! 😉

    • I haven’t heard you preach – well, except the video of you at CPE. Still, you’re a very thoughtful theologian, and I am sure that comes through in your preaching!

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