Tim Tebow Commercial Not Exactly a Winning Touchdown

Duke professor and pro-life advocate Amy Laura Hall calls into question Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl commercial in a blog post on Theolog. This commercial featured Florida Gators Heisman winning quarterback where his mother admits to ‘almost losing’ her baby. Dr. Hall says this presents the message that says, ‘Don’t get an abortion, and you, too, can have a son who will be spectacularly good at football!’

Dr. Hall is no pro-choice stalwart, and has argued against abortion, so let’s not rush to put labels on her that will call into question her faith (as alarming as it may seem to conservative evangelicals, one can be pro-life AND not like the commercial). Instead, she wants a full discussion about what adoption and child-rearing means. She writes:

We signed on for kids knowing that life wasn’t going to be a Super Bowl game. It was going to be many smaller games, games such as Pick Up The Toddler’s Cheerios, played again and again. These games don’t have corporate sponsors; my day as a mom doesn’t feature the Tide Terrific Battle. It is just me spraying blue jeans while reaching to get the phone before the babysitter hangs up. There are no cheerleaders standing on the sidelines shouting my name. The work is hard and blessed, difficult and joyful all jumbled together.

Please take a moment to read the full post and consider what she’s saying.

I myself am enjoying a game of count the ‘chickenpops’.


2 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Commercial Not Exactly a Winning Touchdown

  1. I thought the commercial was kind of “meh”. I don’t see the big deal one way or the other.

    I will say that I didn’t get the message that if you have a baby he’ll end up to be Tim Tebow, but then I haven’t read Dr. Hall’s piece.

    I’m a conservative evangelical (I guess), and feel just fairly unimpressed with the commercial in general. But I do find the head of the NOW’s sentiments that it encourages “violence against women” to be a big reach.

    Just my .02.


  2. Hi Wyman,

    I thought it was pretty ‘meh’, too. I still can’t figure out exactly what his mum was trying to say. But judging from the comments of my conservative friends on Facebook, they love it. I think Dr. Hall’s point is that FOTF makes things a little too rosy and do not fight the cause for women struggling with children that will have some severe disability (i.e., ones that will not win a football game).

    P.S. You’re not as conservative as you think you are!

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