John Wesley’s Preachers in North Lancashire

Sorry I haven’t made a return to blogging. Hopefully I will get back to it. I have seen others make resolutions to blog more, but I haven’t done such a thing myself!

I am breaking the silence to advertise an upcoming lecture for any Wesley History geeks like myself.

John Lenton, the librarian for the Wesley Historical Society at Brookes University at Oxford, will give a talk on ‘John Wesley’s Preachers in North Lancashire’. This is sponsored by the North Lancashire Wesley Historical Society. Here’s the information

John Wesley’s Preachers in North Lancashire
Wilpshire Methodist Church (Ribchester Road, Wilpshire. Postcode: BB1 9HU)
Saturday, 20th February 2010
2:30 PM

The lecture is open to all, and there is a meat and potato pie meal following (£6). If you would like to stay for the meal, send me an email to reserve your spot. Come for the talk and the fellowship!

(Mr. Lenton has graciously said that I can record the talk and upload it to the blog, so if you can’t make it, you can still hear it!)


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