Suggestions for Advent Antiphon Prayer Stations?

It’s Sunday evening, and theologically, I don’t have much thoughts. So, still not writing much.

I am thinking about Advent. I am organising an Advent Quiet Day for the circuit on a Saturday in December and have been tossing around in my head some thoughts for themes. I really like what is often called the ‘O Antiphons‘ Advent (what the hymn ‘O Come, O Come Immanuel‘ is based on). I don’t think they get enough exposure in the Protestant church (outside of the aforementioned song, and even then it wasn’t until recently that I knew that’s what the song was). I love their beauty and what they teach about Jesus as we pray for these different aspects of him to come.

Anyway, I was thinking I could use these ‘O Antiphons’ as the basis for some prayer stations for the Quiet Day. But, at the moment, I am stuck.

Do any of you have any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Suggestions for Advent Antiphon Prayer Stations?

  1. I did an Advent cafe service last year and used the antiphons as the theme designing the service around the well known carol. It worked well. I might still have the stuff on my old PC if you’re interested?

    • That’s actually a great theme, but I was going for something that is not often used in Protestant circles. The Magnificat is usually one of the Sunday reading for one of the Sundays. No doubt, though, it will be used in some way at the quiet day.

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