How To Worship… Pentecostal Style

I would like to dedicate this video to my blogging friend Nick Norelli. For the rest of you, this is what to do if you find yourself in a charismatic worship service and you don’t know what to do.

HT: Robin Parry at Theological Scribbles


6 thoughts on “How To Worship… Pentecostal Style

  1. Yes indeed, very funny. I’m looking forward to further installments. Non-conformist chapels certainly need a ‘how-to’: the proper posture for the ‘Methodist prayer crouch’ is crucial.

    But I want to know why I get flak for posting this and you don’t. After all, you started it!

  2. This church is just down the street from where my parents live – and I grew up in the same church as the pastor of that church (Fairwood Church – it’s AoG). Hopefully everyone knows it just satire. 😉

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