If you have to name it a ‘Fresh Expression’, then is it really one?

Looking at some of the activities listings on many church notice boards, I have seen a few that list an event as a ‘Fresh Expression’. Fresh Expressions is a movement(?) that encourages churches to find new ways (or ‘fresh expressions) of being church for people who have no contact (and in increasing cases, never had contact) with inherited church. Often, but not always, they are aimed at young families. The intent is to give an encounter with the gospel in an atmosphere in which they are familiar (as opposed to sitting quietly and singing hymns and listening to sermons).

It seems a little counterintuitive to me to name it a fresh expression when that’s what it is supposed to be.  Fresh Expression has no real meaning to those who would come (any more than church would). Why not find a name for it that excites and tells something about what you’re trying to do?


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