Chanting the Psalms

My fellow sandlapper and the Southern Baptist blogger Wyman Richardson has some interesting tastes for a Baptist. He has an affection for the creeds (usually off-limits among Baptists) and now I find out chanting! On his blog he points to a website where the Athanasian Creed is chanted in English. When I followed the link I found downloadable mp3s for all 150 Psalms. All the Psalms are beautifully chanted by a soloist using the Authorized Version. If this sounds like your sort of thing, follow the link here.

This is produced by a group called the Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood (so props to the tradition of my wife April and PamBG).


4 thoughts on “Chanting the Psalms

  1. Will,
    whilst the solo voice is quite pleasant I feel it lacks the power necessary for he psalms. I prefer them performed by a choir of male voices and preferably in Latin as I feel that Latin is more stirring than the English version.

  2. Hello safetyman. I don’t know about the Latin, but I agree with you about the beauty of a choir. Now that you mention it, I do wonder why they chose a soloist rather than a choir. I imagine a quick internet search might find mp3s of a choir singing the Psalms.

  3. Will, I’m touched! 🙂 I once heard Timothy George say that Christian history is there to remind us that something did happen between Jesus and our own Grandmothers! I believe that’s true and I’m trying to learn to appreciate what that is!

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