Sex in Public: Holy Union (of a sorts) at Blackburn Cathedral

The Main Entrance to Blackburn Cathedral

The Main Entrance to Blackburn Cathedral

In News of the Weird: Blackburn Cathedral, where I was ordained two years ago, seems to have taken alternative worship to a new level.

Well, not really. Stanley Hauerwas once wrote an article called “Sex in Public: How Adventurous Christians Are Doing It”, but I don’t think this is what he had in mind.  A couple have found a strange use for the church that houses the throne of the Bishop of Blackburn. A verger caught on the CCTV monitors two people enjoying some… well, recreational activities.

We in the church do say that sex is a gift blessed by God, but perhaps some things should be done at home. From the Blackburn Citizen article:

Blackburn magistrates heard the couple’s romp at 11.25am only ended when the verger announced over the tannoy system that they were being filmed.

And defence solicitor Andrew Church-Taylor accepted Marie Taylor’s x-rated behaviour was far from Christian.

“The church may well welcome sinners but perhaps not in these circumstances,” said Mr Church-Taylor.

That would have made that day’s church visit quite interesting.


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