I passed the Life in the UK test!

This morning, April and I had to take the Life in the UK test, which is required for those wanting British Citizenship and settlement visas.  The computer doesn’t tell what answers were right and wrong, but it is a 24 question test covering life issues in the United Kingdom.  75% is a pass. April and I both did.

The test covers such interesting topics as reminding you that if you stay over night at the hospital, you need to take an overnight bag.  Or what is the population of Wales (Richard Hall of Connexions is only one of 2.9 million, but I didn’t need to know any famous Welsh personalities for the test).  Also, that children are only allowed to work 4 hours with a one hour rest break.  Actually, none of those topics were on my test, but they were in the handbook.  I’m not supposed to give the questions out on the test, so I won’t.

So, now we send everything off to hear back from the Home Office about our visas!


9 thoughts on “I passed the Life in the UK test!

  1. Richard:Thanks! There were none on my test, but there is a whole page in the handbook devoted to travel. Of course, a good question could be about trainspotters!

    Olive: Thanks! Strictly speaking, I am not supposed to tell. I will say a google search helped me tremendously!

    • Will’s mother tongue is of course English but it does not always match the English of the area where he works. You may consider the language archaic as we still use words like hast, thee, thou. thy and thine. Still at least we understand each other.

  2. These are new questions for the new test that started on March 25, 2013. Take our free online practice tests to prepare you for the life in the UK test, covering the official 2013 Government handbook –A Guide of New Residents. 3rd Edition. Visit our website to try some practice questions and purchase the course.

    Free Life in the UK test

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