At Week’s End: Savannah Takes No Bullsh**

With conference meeting this week in Wolverhampton, things have been quiet. Between visits, I have managed a Stewards Meeting. Between that meeting and listening to the conference debates, I have realised that I start from a whole host of different assumptions about what church is about. Maybe I need to blog about that some time.

Friday night, with our chair of district, Stephen Poxon, home from his triumphant year as Methodist President, we had a barbecue. In speaking to Stephen about conference, a colleague said, ‘Well, at least you stopped them from doing anything too destructive!’ It was a fun evening catching up with people I don’t get to see that often. And Stephen has lots on his agenda now that he back in the district.

It has been two weeks since joining the gym, and I have managed to make it down there every weekday for my hour on the cross-trainer. It seems to be paying off. Someone at Langho said that I did look slimmer! Even if she was being nice, I will take it!

All About April
April is on holiday! She finished up work on Friday and I think has slept for most of the weekend. Well, she also did a spin class at the gym, so she is now tired and in pain! She’s making a good start to the gym as well!

Savannah Says
Well, as many already know from Facebook, Savannah is finally telling daddy what she thinks of all his sermons. Friday afternoon, I was sitting in the chair and Savannah standing by the fireplace. Out of the blue and with a serious look on her face Savannah pointed at me and shouted what I would have sworn was, ‘Bullsh**! Bullsh**!’ I stared at her trying to figure out where she had got that from. I asked, ‘What?’ She continued to point and say, ‘Bullsh**! Bullsh**!’ I looked down and I was wearing a blue shirt. I asked, ‘Savannah, are you saying “blue shirt”?’ She said, ‘Yeah!’ I was quite relieved!

Savannah has also given us a glimpse into what we look like when trying to correct her. Evidently, her baby doll had done something very bad. She had baby sitting on the table and Savannah had a very stern look on while she looked eye-to-eye with baby and gave her a stern lecture.

Meet the Parents
Dad flies into town this Thursday. He is coming to see Savannah, but April and me as well. While he is here, we are going to give a talk on our trip to Israel on Thursday night at Lammack’s mid-week worship. If you are in the Blackburn area on 16 July, stop by!


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