At Week’s End

I haven’t done this in some time, but I have some time tonight and thought I would. Besides, my mother was complaining that I haven’t written anything ‘personal’ in a while! What she means is non-church or non-theologically related.

So much has been happening lately I don’t know where to begin, but I will keep it short. Parts of this week has included meetings and visits, and other parts listening to or tweeting Methodist Conference information. Whilst I haven’t seen the point of tweeting quite yet (I am trying it out by posting statuses, but I don’t know how long that will last) it has been fun getting the rundown through whoever is tweeting the information live from the conference floor. One can even interact with them whilst they are there! Not exactly like being there, of course, but still fun. It’s still not too late to follow the tweets! ( My Metho-Geek is on full alert here.

This morning at Wilpshire was a very good worship service. I thought I preached one of my better sermons for this church and they responded well. I like it better when people say it was challenging or made them think rather than ‘good’. If they speak to me at all and thought it was challenging, then it wasn’t over the top challenging, but I hit the right note.

Having broke my third cross-trainer, I have given up on buying cheap ones. April and I joined a gym. We are now members of Energie Fitness Club in Accrington. It’s a smaller, but very clean and helpful gym with enough equipment for all needs. Friendly staff, too, that seem to want a relationship rather than just a customer. That’s nice. Of course, I jut want the elliptical machine. I was done there five days a week for an hour. Now I just need to work on my eating habits!

All About April
April is looking at her last week of work before the summer break. She has been neck deep in marking papers. For confidentiality sake, I will omit April’s outloud remarks. Unfortunately, I have to also leave out some of the howlers her students write! We have both been surprised how much she has enjoyed this past year at her new job and she looks forward to next year (but the break is really on her mind right now!)

She has also joined the gym and plans to do an exercise blitz to get in a routine before the new year starts. She has big plans for the summer!

Savannah Says
Every so often I look at her and realise she looks so big. I can’t believe how much she has grown. She goes with me on pastoral visits (some, not all) and sits in on meetings – and she is so good! One meeting was with my superintendent Yvonne. Yvonne went to make some coffee and Savannah looked at me and said, ‘Biscuit!’ (For American readers, think ‘cookie’.) I said I don’t have one. Then she looked around, pointed the way Yvonne just left and said, ‘In there!’ I told her she could ask and she ran into the kitchen and asked Yvonne, ‘Biscuit?’ Luckily for Yvonne she had a pack for just such occasions! She is so cheeky!

As far as CBeebies shows (CBeebies is the BBC’s young children’s channel), Balamory seems to have lost favour. Bob is still no. 1, especially now that she has some Bob the Builder toys. She like to play with her blocks and build a ‘Scrambler House’ (Scrambler is one of her fav Bob characters and she builds a little house around him). Second favourite is Nina and the Neurons, which as my mother said, you can learn a lot of good science stuff from!

The Week Ahead
After the heat wave we experienced here (in the 80s with NO air conditioning) this week looks to be cooler – even the days without the rain. The house last week was near unbearable without a breeze coming in. So, cooler weather is most welcome.

Also, Methodist Conference’s business sessions really gear up tomorrow. I haven’t heard anything controversial on the agenda. Stay tuned to the twitter feed or my friend Dave Warnock if anything does happen. Around the Blackburn Circuit, it’s party time with the superintendent in Wolverhampton. Well, not really: stewards meetings and the regular routine around here!


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