Methodist Conference Begins Today

Today Methodist representatives are gathering from around the United Kingdom in Wolverhampton for the annual Methodist Conference. This is the top legislative body in the Methodist Church. It’s something akin to the UMC’s General Conference except it’s not quite the scale (hence it can meet every year rather than every four as in the UMC).

In addition to the discussion of rules and regulations, there are some of the most moving moments in the life of the church. In particular, reception into full connexion and ordination of presbyters. Also, the induction/installation (there is some question over the right word!) of the new president and vice president of Conference. Yes, Stephen Poxon ends his year as the President in just a couple of days.

With ever increasing use of technology, those unable to make it to Wolverhampton (or like me, not even clear as to where that is) need not feel left out!

  • The whole world is going twitter mad, and the Methodist Conference is no different. You can follow them at
  • My blogging friend Dave Warnock at 42 is down there in his caravan and will be blogging and twittering ( as well. He has already posted one blog that gives a preview of what is to come.
  • If reading in 140 characters or Dave’s blogs won’t be enough, you can listen to the debates online here.

Plenty of stuff to keep one occupied for some time!


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