Savannah Takes Care of Daddy

Yesterday just after lunch, I fell asleep in the chair watching Wimbledon. Savannah shouted out, ‘Daddy’ which almost woke me, but she started talking quietly when she saw I was asleep. I was half aware of Savannah opening the door and going upstairs. In my half-asleep state, I knew I should go and get her.

Then I heard her come down the steps and open the door. She had her blanket and she placed it over my legs.  I heard her whisper something about ‘Baa-Baa’, which is one of her favourite songs.  Instead of singing, I heard her open the door and go upstairs again.

Not long after, I heard her make her way down the steps and open the door. Looking through barely open eyes, I saw that she had ‘Baa-Baa’, her stuffed black sheep that she sometimes sleeps with. She placed Baa-Baa in my lap! She went back to watching CBeebies and sang the songs very quietly.

The whole thing was so cute, I eventually got up and thanked her for taking care of me!


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