Biblical Conversations I Wish I Could Have Overheard

Nick Norelli responded to a meme naming five important books. One of his is the Gospel of Luke because of the influence of the Emmaus story and Jesus’ opening up the scriptures. That got me thinking about the places in the Bible where we are told of conversations, but aren’t given the text of what was said (as opposed to the stories of Jesus and Nicodemus and Jesus and the woman at the well).

So, here is my list of conversations where I wish I had been a ‘fly on the wall’:

  1. The Walk to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35): Would there be anything better than a Bible Study with Jesus in which he goes through the Old Testament and shows where they point to him?
  2. Peter and Paul (Galatians 1:18): All it says is that Paul stayed with Peter for 15 days! Two of the New Testament Church’s greatest leaders bunking with each other and we get nothing. Come on, Paul, give us a hint of what you talked about!
  3. Jesus and his Disciples (Mark 4:33-34): We are told that Jesus would explain the parables he told to his disciples, and all we get in the gospels is the explanation of one of them (the Sower).
  4. Jesus’ Signs After His Resurrection (John 21:25): Not really a conversation. I realise the ‘other things’ would fill up volumes, but I wish he would have given us a few.

Those are the four off the top of my head. Are there any others that you wish you could have overheard?


5 thoughts on “Biblical Conversations I Wish I Could Have Overheard

  1. My first thought was also the walk to Emmaus.

    I also wonder what Jesus was teaching Mary when Martha thought she should be in the kitchen cooking!

  2. Was just passing by – can’t remember why I bookmarked your blog originally, but I appreciate your musings. Thanks for the link to the Jesus Prayer – I’d not heard it called that before.

    I’m reading Exodus and Leviticus this week for an assignment, where the conversation between Moses and God is recorded – I’d just like to know what that was like for Moses – was it an audible voice, did he see someone, or was it a sense of conviction?

    Otherwise I’m with Pam, Mary and Martha.

  3. Pam: the Mary and Martha story is a great one! I wonder if there is anything particular that Jesus said that stirred her to speak, or, more likely, Mary asked a question and that set her off. I think that would be my fifth one.

    Fiona: Welcome, and thanks for posting! I had thought about Moses and God as well, especially since God hints more than dictation of laws when he says he speaks to Moses ‘face-to-face’. As you suggest, I am not sure what that means, either. In one story, God only allows Moses to see his back… Maybe I am being too literal here.

  4. David and Jonathan – it might settle some debates about how friendly they were.

    Jesus and Pilate

    Jesus and anyone else (cheating, I know)

    Paul and Peter when Paul called him out

  5. Ah, yes, David and Jonathan. I forgot about that one! That’s a good one, too!

    And it would have been good to hear the words Paul said to Barnabas in that same episode.

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