Laughing at God’s Grace

Yesterday, I lost my wallet. We have searched everywhere to no avail. This morning a steward (who is very supportive of me) picked up Savannah to take her to some kind of child event called ‘Wiggle and Giggle’. I had got an email from another steward that I didn’t understand and this steward who called cleared things up.

Well, it wasn’t exactly information I wanted to hear, but not entirely unexpected. It follows along from the post from earlier this morning (regarding my own bitterness). Churches and ministers tell their own story to make ourselves look good. I have done this certainly, and the church has as well. I am sure the church has cause to be angry with me and I could probably tell them why they should be (the couple of things I picked up on actually have nothing to do with me and are only directed at me because I am the minister).

In these moments, I try to minimise the hurt I will receive and maximise those areas where I have been hurt. So, rather than trying to ‘do something’, I decided stop and pray. I have been using the ‘Jesus Prayer’ lately (well, a little too hit and miss, though) and set the clock for 10 minutes. When finished, I looked up and in a back corner of my desk – not in plain sight at all unless you get down on your knees – was my wallet.

I just began to laugh. I don’t normally see these types of things as being ‘sent from God’, and I am not in any suggesting that either God is a) rewarding me for ‘doing good’ or b) telling me that I am ‘in the right’. I took it as a sign of God’s presence with me. And it felt so good to laugh at the whole thing! Even my bitterness and feelings of trying to manage the situation!


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