What would happen if the gay debate were solved?

Nothing much, at least in the churches that are arguing about it, according to Episcopal priest Fleming Rutledge at Generous Orthodoxy. The problem covers a multitude of other problems. Among her list is the uniqueness of Christ, the power of sin, and the nature of the Trinity.

Unless I am mistaken, she generally views herself sympathetic to homosexuals and wants to see them fully included in the life of the church, but very orthodox on the issues she lists on her website. She would appear to be a foil to the problem she presents in many ways.

Maybe I don’t see the sides as opposed to each other on other issues, or maybe my context has become too narrow (my recent trip to Israel with the heavily evangelical Americans reminded me just how conservative evangelicals are!).

Is there still a big gap on other issues as there is on homosexuality?


3 thoughts on “What would happen if the gay debate were solved?

  1. Good question and I guess it depends who you ask, but my gut reaction would be to say no, I think the homosexuality issue has a way of polarising all parties in the dialogue…

    I think the Methodist Churches decision to re-think their position at a later date but to remain open for now is a good one.

    Brian McLaren suggested at a recent conference that we should make a concious choice not to debate this for at least 5 years, after all surely poverty and war are more pressing issues for us to deal with.

  2. I think yes and no.

    The nature of the Bible is surely a fault line in the homosexuality debate as well. There are divides that can be mapped – but not uniformly.

    For instance, I do not think the pacificism debate falls into such neat liberal-conservative theological camps.

    But even on the issues that do fall into the pattern most of them are not as practical or tied into secular politics as homosexuality.

    Whether I believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a giant fish is not as much in your face as whether I should be ordained while living with my life partner.

    If homosexuality ceased to exist and the issue went away, we would still find things to fight about. After all, we split all of Christedom over the filoque.

  3. I guess it depends on a person’s definition of “solved”. Depending upon where a person or church is on the issue, the solution will look different.

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