Good Morning from Tel Aviv, Israel!

Me and April in the Tel Aviv Airport

Me and April in the Tel Aviv Airport

Whilst our holiday officially began on Sunday, April and I flew out of Manchester Airport this evening. Well, last night really. We are here for the next 8 days or so for our tour of the Holy Land. (This is where the usual disclaimer is put: our house is occupied and watched by a number of neighbours and church members.)

April and I will set up camp where you see us in the photo, and we will be here for the next 6 hours or so. We are meeting a group from the United States, and because we are a lot closer to Israel than they are, we got here at 3:30 AM! Whatever we may have gained for the lack of the large time zone difference (we are two hours ahead of England), we lose in having to sit up in these chairs that are only slightly more comfortable than the pews at Wilpshire Methodist Church. But, we are here and though we miss Savannah (who is not making this trip), we are excited about what’s in store.

So far, I have not been recognised by my passport photo (I have put on 30 pounds and got a haircut since the photo was taken), but calling in someone else, the controller let me through. We also have visited the coffee shop where we got a brief lesson in shekels. We don’t quite know whether or not she was taking the mick out of us, but we prefer to think we made a new friend.

Well, I hope to continue the postings whilst over here. Ah, we just got the message over the intercom that carrying weapons are prohibited. That’s good to know.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning from Tel Aviv, Israel!

  1. Carrying weapons is illegal unless you’re in the army – wait until you start running into random military folks carrying major weapons! Oh the joys of Israel! Have fun!

  2. Olive: Thanks – we are missing Savannah, though.

    Dave: I actually switched to this style a while ago, but I forget about those that haven’t seen me.

    Johannah: Yes, we got that feeling yesterday at Caesarea Philippi! LOTS of people with guns. I have no clue what they were doing.

    Sarah: You’re kidding me!

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