At Week’s End

After two weeks of working for The Bible in Tomorrow’s World course, I have focused more on church work this week. This has included a circuit leadership team meeting in which our super announced we will look at the future of the circuit to see what alternatives we will have to face. Part of that will include what will happen with my church that has voted to close and what that will mean not only for the church itself, but for the other churches in our circuit.

This morning at Wilpshire, I encouraged the congregation to sit toward the front. I used a communion liturgy from the Northumbria Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer and used Taize chants rather than formal hymns (well, we still sang two ‘normal’ hymns). Also, I brought the communion table forward and rather than using the communion rail, we stood in groups (often referred to as ‘tables’ here) in a half circle around the table. One of the lovely things about this is that one person, who has been unable to navigate the steps and kneel down was able to join in one of the groups rather than me bring it to him. I could tell it meant a lot to him. I got a lot of positive feedback from the church, even though it was very different for them.

All About April
April celebrated her birthday last Sunday and has got back into work after her two week Easter break.

Savannah Says
Savannah is saying a lot. Her vocabulary seems to increase every day. She is practising her counting, which never begins with ‘one’. Evidently, at nursery, they start her with one and they move to two.  She seems to have the even numbers down. She also sings a lot more. In addition to her favourite tele programmes (Balamory and Bob the Builder), she will sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ and ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’.

The big news for Savannah is her new slide with climbing frame. A church member was giving away their kids’ Little Tykes slide and has asked if Savannah wanted it. She did, and she absolutely loves it! She wakes us and goes into the kitchen, points to the door and says, ‘Out!’ Unfortunately, it rains a lot here and we have to say, ‘No Savannah, we can’t.’ Luckily, we have had some good weather lately, so she has been able to play in her back garden a good bit.

Savannah is also struggling with her independence. We have hit the terrible twos. Actually, she is a very good girl, but she does get frustrated when she can’t do what she wants. We’ve had to endure some tantrums.

The Week Ahead
My mother comes to town on Saturday, which is the same day as Wilpshire’s Traditional Spring Fayre. Then, April and I are on holiday! We are going to the Holy Land! More about that later.


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