Americans Love Blackburn!

From my Blackburn news feed, I found that an American from New York was visiting Blackburn this week and her car broke down. She says that the people that came to help her were extremely nice. She did get a little confused when someone offered her a ‘brew’ (which most Americans take to mean ‘beer’, but the one who offered meant a tea).

I’m glad to hear that Blackburn residents were so nice to her!


2 thoughts on “Americans Love Blackburn!

  1. My Son’s girlfriend is from Oswaldtwistle so always talks about a ‘brew’ – fortunately we don’t have any problem with mistaking it for beer.

  2. Wow, Oswaldtwistle! That’s not far from here. Great Mills. And, I didn’t realise that ‘brew’ had different connotations in England!

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