Monday Methodism: A Pulpit at Lincoln Cathedral

This week, this veers from the traditional Wesley sites, but does continue the theme I left with last week about Wesley and relics and our need to keep objects identified with the found of Methodism.

Over here, one of the things that many Anglicans will remind me is, ‘John Wesley was always an Anglican priest!’ Of course what they don’t say is that they refused to let him preach in their churches. And that the Anglican Church ‘left’ the Methodist Church ‘at the altar’ 30 years ago. Still, I do find many Anglicans are often more willing to talk about Wesley than Methodists are.

At Lincoln Cathedral (which is my favourite) they have kept a pulpit in which John Wesley preached. I found this out talking to a verger when April and I were there with our friends Jen and Mike (also Methodist ministers). When the verger found out we were Methodists, he directed us to this pulpit kept in one of the transepts. I couldn’t find the verger again and it was late in the day, so I didn’t get to ask where the pulpit was when he preached in it or why they chose to keep it. It’s fascinating they would keep it and, even if Wesley is not the reason, that they can say that he did preach from it.

Lincoln Cathedral is well worth a visit if you get the chance to go, and it is especially close if you are ‘Wesley hunting’ in nearby Epworth (where Wesley was born). I will be heading that way next week (virtually, that is)!


Lincoln Cathedral (from Lincoln Castle)

Lincoln Cathedral (from Lincoln Castle)

The Pulpit from which Wesley Preached

The Pulpit from which Wesley Preached

Absolutely No Connection to Wesley that I know of - I just love this photo!

Absolutely No Connection to Wesley that I know of - I just love this photo!


6 thoughts on “Monday Methodism: A Pulpit at Lincoln Cathedral

  1. Will,

    You’ll be glad to know that I’m deep into Wesley’s journals, which I had started a few years ago and put down again, and am absolutely loving them. I brag on Wesley and quote him a good deal in sermons.

    I’m a very Wesleyan Baptist! Is there such a thing? 🙂

    I’m enjoying the pictures.


  2. Will, I’m enjoying the photos and reports as well.

    Wyman mentions reading Wesley’s journals. You have a photo of a pulpit from which he preached.

    One of my favorite parts of his journal is when he says he preached on “such and so” at Church X, and follows that with a report that he was instructed never to preach there again.

    I love that. If I were only so brave myself.

  3. John,

    I notice that too. In fact, he seems to say that about almost every single church he preaches in. Fascinating. It hard for me, in American evangelicalism, to see what was so scandalous about Wesley’s preaching. But then it occurs to me that his heart-felt call for obedience and living faith is probably no less scandalous today, it’s just more culturally accepted (here anyway).

    Maybe Will or you can shed some light for me on the scandal of Wesley’s preaching in, say, the 1730’s.

    That guy got kicked out of a lot of churches!


  4. Olive: They seem to be dotted around everywhere! We have church in our circuit (closed and locked, so I can’t get in) that has one, too!

    John: If only I were so brave myself!

    Wyman: He preached a faith that called to action more than what was present at the time. Others who simply wanted to go about their business he called ‘almost Christians’. He also didn’t worry about parish boundaries – still an issue here in England! I imagine that got them riled up!

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