He is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter!

From Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship by N. T. Wright.

‘The communist lecturer paused before summing up. His large audience listened fearfully. “Therefore,” he said, “there is no God; Jesus Christ never existed; there is no such thing as a Holy Spirit. The Church is an oppressive institution, and anyway it’s out of date. The future belongs to the State; and the State is in the hands of the Party.”

‘He was about to sit down, when an old priest near the front stood up. “May I say two words?” he asked. (It’s three in English, but he was of course speaking Russian.) The lecturer, disdainfully, gave him permission. He turned, looked out over the crowd, and shouted: “Christ is risen!” Back came the roar of the people: “He is risen indeed!” They’d been saying it for a thousand years; why should they stop now?

‘They weren’t just whistling in the dark. The gospel message of Easter is the complete answer to tyranny.’

Christos anesti! Alithos anesti!


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