At Week’s End

This week has been filled with the normal rituals of Holy Week. In some sense, this has been a comfort. A lot has been said against simply ‘going through the motions’, but I think a part of that is what I needed this week. I haven’t been in the mood to particularly come up with anything original, but it has been great to rely on the wisdom of the larger church.

Saying that, this morning’s Easter service was one of the more joy-filled Easter services I can remember. It started off with a laugh when the organist played the ‘wrong’ tune to ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today!’ I couldn’t let that pass and stopped him mid first verse and we started over. We then moved on to funny stories that made us laugh, an idea from Dave Faulkner’s post mentioning the Russian Orthodox priests who gather for a belly laugh on Easter day.

Before the prayers of intercession, I reminded our congregation that for many the joys of Easter are still crowded out by their own personal Good Fridays. I know I have friends who will this week spend more time agonising in the Garden of Gethsemane (Jen and Mike, we are praying for you and Luke). For some, Easter is more like the women in Mark who hid when afraid.

All About April
Still enjoying her holiday – she has a week left!

Savannah Says
The story I kicked off in the service this morning was one about Savannah. She was wearing a pair of dungarees (Americans: overalls) and began shoving tissues down the front. She then showed off what she was doing by putting her thumbs behind the straps, giving the impression of a two-year old stuffing her bra!

She was a little out of sorts on Wednesday because her friend Nicholas, whom she normally sees that day, was on holiday. She got very clingy with April toward the end of the day and wouldn’t let her out of sight. She also would call his name every so often and kiss his photo in our lounge.

She had a big Easter day also. We had an Easter egg hunt in the graveyard after church and then another one at Nicholas’s grandmother’s house. She really got the hang of it toward the end. Also, lots of chocolate eggs! Enough to rot her teeth!

At the moment she is being punished, though, for not getting back in bed. She is sitting on the top step screaming ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ hoping for a reprieve from mummy’s sentence. It is heartbreaking, but I am not answering!

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