At Week’s End: Savannah the Trinitarian Theologian?

It’s Holy Week.  Methodist Churches (here or in the US) don’t seem to go all out like our Anglican brothers and sisters. We will have a Good Friday Service and a Maundy Thursday Service. A few Anglican ones have something everyday.

As one of my churches enters ‘passion week’ of a different kind, we had our first visit with the district team on Monday. Actually, I am quite hopeful for the people at this church. They are looking how they may stay together, even after the building is gone.

All About April
She’s on holiday for two weeks! I think that about says it all.

Savannah Says
We need to start reading with Savannah at different times of the day. I got the bright idea this morning of reading Savannah the Palm Sunday story from her Bible. She went into hysterics. She kept shaking her head, saying ‘uh-uh!’ We think she thought we were saying she had to go to bed.

Speaking of her Bible: when we point to Jesus on the cover and say, ‘Who is that?’ She says, ‘God.’ Hey, she’s only two and already taking a stab at Christology!

She gave us a scare on Tuesday, though. She was talking to us whist walking down the stairs and then fell down them. A lot. Her nose was pouring blood, but that seems to be all. The carers at nursery said she was fine the whole day.


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