At Week’s End: Savannah Sings and Rest in Peace Grandma Renwick

It’s British Summer Time, and we are 5 hours ahead of the East Coast again.  No more getting dark at 4 PM until winter.

A much more low-key week work-wise. I had my first wedding in nearly three years this afternoon, which went well. The bride was the daughter of a church member and the weather was beautiful for it.

Not much to tell from my perspective at the moment. Maybe later in the week.

All About April
This morning we got a phone call from April’s dad to tell us that his mother died in the early hours of the morning. Whilst I don’t think it was terribly unexpected, it was a shock none-the-less. April’s sister Ginger was up there this week with their grandmother. Ginger and grandma made Savannah a card and sent photos of it. We are glad that grandma got to meet Savannah last summer when we were there.  Funerals are especially tough when separated by such a distance.

Savannah Says
Savannah looks so grownup today. I don’t know why, but she just looks older. Over the weekend, she started singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star.’ She says it complete with Lancashire accent! Yesterday, she had a small accident when she was looking at April and then ran straight into the door. It didn’t hurt her badly.

The Week Ahead
This week is the countdown to Passion Week. Tomorrow, though, the District Review Team comes into Langho and we continue the ‘cease to meet’ (closing) procedures.


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