Links on Friday

Biblical Interpretation and Ministry of the Word
Damian at Castles of Nutshells ask how consistent we should be in applying the Bible and looks for guidelines.

Rev. Mindy comments on Iona’s John Bell’s call to preachers to be those who love God, love their neighbour, and love words and language.

Craig Adams meditates on Psalm 57.3 and tries to think through God’s absence.

Church Identity and Denominations
Craig Adams also reflects on the name of his church and wonders what it tries to say about who they are as a community.

Andrew C. Thompson has been writing about the future of the United Methodist Church and what reform might look like with Denomination in the Dock and My Vision for Church Reform.

Whilst Methodists counter attacks to do away with the institution, my Georgia Southern Baptist friend Wyman speaks on something I rarely hear baptists talk about – the need for churches to have the association. Wyman gives reasons for why churches should remain in association rather than simply go to the extreme and have nothing to do with each other. A long post, but worth a read to see what the Baptists are talking about.

Politics and Christian Leadership
Allan Bevere comments on Dick Cheney’s criticism of President Obama, noting the lack of grace he shows, particularly compared with President Bush’s refusal to criticise the current president. Allan takes the occasion to remind us in ministry not to criticise past ministers at the churches we serve.

Robin Parry writes on the importance of clear grammar when writing songs.

Sally Coleman writes a beautiful reflection trying to find words to respond to the love God gives us. Also see the painting of the Prodigal Son she attaches to the post.


3 thoughts on “Links on Friday

  1. Will,

    Thanks for the links! I’m curious: is the Methodist concept of “Association” like the Baptist concept, formally, I mean? I’ve always thought of you guys as a bit more centralized in structure and as having a bit more an inherent structure of Association, whereas we Baptists are always saying: Well, we’ll Associate, but, by God, don’t forget that we’re autonomous!


    • Methodists ‘associate’ in a Connection (or in British Methodism, the ‘Connexion’). It is much stronger than what the Baptist do… or even in the Anglican Dioceses. We are more centralised. It has its good points… and its bad ones!

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