At Week’s End: Church Closings, Sermons, and Potty Training

What possesses me to schedule two church councils in one week? I haven’t a clue. Before the week began, I suspected one would be fine the other… not so much. I was correct, just not about which ones. Anyway, they are over for now. My church at Langho is now accepting the eventual closure, and I think they are going to handle it bravely. They want to continue to meet together even after the building is closed. Who knows? Maybe this will spark revival when unencumbered by all that drains when having to take care of the building.  District policy forbids closing churches without a visit from the District Review Team, so we are going through that process now. Prayers greatly appreciated.

This morning I preached what I thought was a great sermon. I haven’t decided if I will post it on here. I don’t like to blow my own horn, but I always feel a sense of delight when I believe I have heard God correctly in preparing a sermon. I rarely leave the sphere of my three churches on Sunday morning, but this morning I was at Lammack. Lammack are our the circuit’s largest church. It was a great service. The heat didn’t come on in the main worship space, so we moved to a smaller room where there was heat. The singing sounded so much fuller, especially when we sang ‘And Can It Be’ (my favourite Charles Wesley hymn). The morning just had a good feel about it.

I also paid a call to a woman whose mother died early this morning. The lady who died was in her 90s and was unable to come to church since I have known her. She wasn’t a member, but her daughter came to Langho about the same time I did. Still, I knew this lady better most. She was one of the few people who when I paid a pastoral visit prayed for me. I will miss her.

Savannah Says
We are entering potty training. This weekend, Savannah would say, ‘Want wee-wee!’ Then, we would have to remove all her clothes (she insisted). Then she would sit on her potty. She hasn’t actually done anything yet, though. We hope she is at the verge!

She has also settled into a pattern where on Saturdays she is mummy’s girl exclusively. She was quite funny yesterday when she kept trying to April to lie down and go to sleep. When April lay down, Savannah placed her blanket over her, put her finger to her lips, and made the noise ‘shh…’ It was so cute.

All About April
With no more Ofsted, we have seen a lot more April this week. It’s been good to have her around more. I even had a night off this week, so we have been a full family!

Today is Mother’s Day (actually, Mothering Sunday), so we went out to eat last night at Frankie & Bennie’s. Savannah made April a Mother’s Day card at nursery and gave it to her in bed this morning. For a Mother’s Day, it has been quite busy. Maybe April can find time to rest next weekend.

The Week Ahead
A much lighter week. Back at Mellor on Sunday and less meetings (thank God)! Time to focus on Holy Week and Easter.


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