School Assembly this morning

I don’t get the chance to do many school assemblies anymore as I don’t have a church with a school connected. With a vacancy at St. Gabriel’s CofE in Blackburn, the connected school rely on visiting clergy. So at the former curate’s request, I volunteered and I go today and next Thursday.

Far more impressive than anything I could have done or said was the children themselves. They are studying the Letters of Paul this week so I began to ask them questions about who was Paul. They knew more than I was expecting (maybe this comes from being around adults so much! 🙂 )! They told me about his killing people because he didn’t like Jesus, that he changed to a good man, God spoke to him on the road, and that he wrote letters to tell people about God. And a lot of this from the youngest classes!

Then after my bit, the children in the orchestra led us in a hymn (Lord of the Dance). Wow! They sounded fantastic! I had never been in a school with an orchestra, much less one in collective worship.

Next week, my topic is faith. Looking forward to hearing what they have to say then!


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